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The Truth About Your Portraits

A Generation Without Print

Recent studies suggest that upcoming generations of young people will have few, if any, hard copy photographs to share with their children and grandchildren. In the digital age, we want to share images instantly. But how will those images be seen in the future? We have all heard the horror stories of those who have lost all of their photos when a hard drive crashes or a photo cd is lost or damaged. What about saving those images to CD or DVD? The only tried and true way to ensure that future generations will have the ability to enjoy and share images is to have them professionally printed.

Why choose a professional?

We all have friends and acquaintances who take photos on the side. We all know of online photo services that deliver prints in bulk for a discounted price. But in our studio, we have professionally trained photography enthusiasts who are dedicated to giving you a product you will love. We also use a specially calibrated printing process to ensure that the color and quality of your photos is perfect. And if you don't like it? We'll invite you to give us a second chance, at no cost to you.

We know there are other options, and of course we want you to choose us. But more importantly, we want you to choose a professional portrait studio that is proven to provide you with quality products – satisfaction guaranteed. That studio is Cripe Photography