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Questions & Answers

How does this work?

First you choose your session(s).  You will find those listed under Photo Shoots.  Take a look at your schedule and choose a few different dates.  Remember, if you want to do outdoor portraits, it is always best to do those early morning or late afternoon.  Call the studio and we will collect your session fee by credit card.

What is a session fee?

Session fees help cover the photographers time.  Session fees do not go towards your print order.

Do you do our school’s yearbook photographs?

You will need to check with your school to see if we are your schools photographer.  If they do not allow our images then you need to ask why not?

What times are available to be photographed?

Generally we photograph Monday through Friday 9-4.  We have some Saturday appointments available however, weekdays are generally more available and at a lower cost.

What should I bring?

This is what sets us apart from others.  After you schedule your appointment, we will send you a complete packet of information with tons of suggestions from what wear to accessories to make-up.

What does it cost?

See the Price and Photo Shoots tabs for details.  If you need additional information, please call 317-873-3867 and we will be happy to discuss all of your options.

How do we order?

We have tried many different ways over the years from old-fashioned paper proofs to posting images online.  We have found that the best way is to have you sit down with our designer so that you can ask specific questions and get immediate feedback on sizes, cropping, retouching, design and cost-bundling savings.  (Note that I did not say salesperson.  We have a trained artist with a degree in design to help you with your order.)

When will our order be ready?

Normal turnaround is six weeks but may be sooner, depending on the complexity of the order.

Do you retouch images?

Yes we do.  All of our images include basic blemish retouching at no extra cost.  What sets us apart from others is that we offer several different retouching options.  If you want a natural look or a completely flawless complexion, you get to choose exactly how your finished portraits will look. 

What if it rains?

No problem.  We will reschedule the outdoor-only portion of your session.

What if we are not happy with our portraits?

Just tell us and we will fix them.  We also offer a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.